Sarah Churchill

Sarah Churchill

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... fiercely, in the early 1700s in England.

Profession... Duchess of Marlborough and advisor to Queen Anne.

Interests... dancing, shooting, and threatening anyone who gets in her way.

Relationship Status... happily married to John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough. In addition to her marriage, Sarah is also secretly the Queen’s lover. Sarah knows that romantic relationships are a key part of the politics of her era, and she uses that to her advantage. However, she’s not simply manipulative. She truly does care about Anne and lovingly calls her by the pet name “Mrs. Morley.”

Challenge... maintaining the Queen’s favor. As Queen Anne’s main advisor, Sarah effectively governs England herself—at least so long as she’s on Anne’s good side. Her close relationship with the Queen is threatened by Sarah’s cousin Abigail Hill, who arrives at the palace to work as a scullery maid, but soon begins to worm her way into Anne’s heart. Abigail’s people-pleasing ways make a sharp contrast to Sarah’s blunt honesty, and Sarah has to figure out how to shift her tactics in order to take back control.

Personality... strong-willed, commanding, and not to be messed with. Sarah has been in the political game for a long time, and she’s generally three steps ahead of anyone who seeks to challenge her. She’s a brilliant tactician, both when it comes to global politics and interpersonal dynamics. Though she can be calculating, ruthless, and manipulative when she needs to be, Sarah’s fearsome spirit stems from a good place. She truly has the best interest of England at heart. While her moral compass can be flexible at times, she has a warm, empathetic side too. Above all, Sarah values blunt honesty over fawning flattery or polite small talk. As she tells Anne, “Sometimes, you look like a badger. And you can rely on me to tell you… That is love.”


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