Sarah Cameron

Sarah Cameron

    Outer Banks
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Outer Banks, North Carolina. Sarah lives with her family in an old plantation home on the wealthy side of town. By default of her family’s money, she is known as a Kook. Kooks are the elites in the Outer Banks, owners of boats, luxury cars, and spacious mansions. Sarah’s dad is among the wealthiest on the island, but Sarah soon discovers that her father isn’t quite as he seems. 

Profession… high school student. Sarah doesn’t have to work because of her father’s money, but she does keep busy. Whether it’s a boyfriend or social event, Sarah is usually wrapped up in something to help her pass the time. She takes her role as big sister very seriously, and spends a lot of time with Wheezie, her younger sister.

Interests… adventure. Most things have been handed to Sarah on a silver platter, which she is very aware of. She craves the feeling of being wild, so when John B asks her to help him on his treasure hunt, her answer is immediately yes. 

Relationship status… dating Topper. He is a fellow Kook, and seems like the perfect boyfriend, but as Topper begins to slowly show his true colors, Sarah is tempted to move on. She is getting a little too close to John B. John B is a Pogue, a member of the working class on the island, and that makes Sarah’s feelings even more complicated. Overall, it’s hard for Sarah to show her vulnerabilities to anyone. As she says, “When people get close to me, I feel trapped. And I bail and I blame them for it.”

Challenge… finding the strength to stand up for what is right. Sarah loves her dad more than anything, and throughout all the heartache, he has always been there to console her. When she starts finding clues that point to her father’s shady past, she decides to face the truth even if it scares her. 

Personality… proud, gentle, and witty. Sarah has a gentle spirit, and she looks for the best in others. She is kind, but when tested, she can be smart and calculating. Sarah has a hard time trusting people fully, but when John B starts to change her perspective on things, she feels herself falling for him.


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