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Living... back with her parents in Berkeley. Sarah was forced to move back home when raising her two teenage kids alone became too much of a struggle. Thankfully, her parents have welcomed her home and are thrilled to have her kids around. But it’s not easy to make sure your kids aren’t sneaking beers out of the same fridge you swiped some from twenty years earlier.

Profession... complicated. Sarah has had so many jobs she could legally put “floating around” on her tax return. She worked as a bartender for years and designed t-shirts for local bands, but never launched a career that went anywhere. Her brother Adam offered her a position as an intern at his shoe company. But when she starts dating their boss, Adam worries she’s committing another trademark act of self-sabotage.

Interests… art, writing, and graphic design. She’s extremely creative; she even had a play produced. But the best thing she’s made might be her kids.

Relationship Status... divorced after a 12 year marriage to the alcoholic rocker and father of her kids, Seth. He was addicted to drugs, drank too much, and wasn’t around to raise Amber and Drew. She is starting to fall for Amber’s English teacher, but she’s unsure if it’s a good idea to date a guy in his twenties when she has kids in their teens.

Challenge... preventing her kids from making the same mistakes she did. She didn’t go to college, married the wrong guy, and ended up living with her parents in her 40s. But having her parents around is both good and bad. They’re an extra set of eyes to watch out for her kids, but they’re also keeping an eye on her.

Personality... optimistic, funny, and easy-going. The definition of a cool, laid-back mom, Sarah still likes to embarrass her kids sometimes: “Perhaps I'll bring you a martini and some pot. I'm just kidding, you should not do drugs or drink. Stay in school; don't cut your own bangs. These are a few of my mottos.” On top of being a mom, she’s looking for love, for stability, and for her place in the world. Despite her charm and fun-loving personality, she doesn’t always land on her feet and sometimes doubts her own abilities. But when you’re a Braverman, you’ve got Bravermans looking out for you, whether you want it or not.

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