Sarah Bowman
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Sarah Bowman

Day of the Dead

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About Her

Living... in an underground military shelter in Fort Myers, Florida. Sarah lives in a world overrun by zombies. There are only a few survivors where she is in the Everglades, but she hopes that there are others in Washington, where there are more sophisticated shelters. But with no radio contact, there's a small chance anyone would ever know where they are.

Profession... scientist. Sarah is part of an operation that was rushed and put together in a matter of days. They don't even have the right equipment, the chemicals they need, or bullets to protect themselves. And they spend so much time fighting with each other that almost nothing is getting done.

Relationship Status... stressed by the recent events. Sarah’s lover, Miguel, was bitten by a zombie. A zombie bite means infection and almost certain death. So she has to make the hard choice of either amputating his arm to save his life, or risk losing him to the zombie infection altogether.

Challenge... looking for a way to reverse the process of turning into a zombie. That could take more time than they have, but Sarah’s not giving up. As she tells her colleagues, “This isn't a field trip. This is a war. Everyone down here has to facilitate the job of this scientific team.”

Personality... tough, smart, and level-headed. An intelligent scientist, Sarah tries to use her brains for the greater good of stopping the outbreak. In the face of terrible danger, Sarah takes charge and makes the toughest decisions. And trouble comes, she’s a hardened survivalist who is determined to make it until the bitter end.

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