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Sara Thomas


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About Her

Living… in the San Francisco Bay area with her fiancée, a musician named Lars Hammond.

Profession… psychological counselor. Sara spends her time with troubled young people, helping them get over their issues.

Interests… fate. The British-born Sara liked to say that she didn’t “believe in accidents. I think fate’s behind everything.” One day when she was living in New York, she struck up a conversation with a man in Bloomingdales who seemed tailor-made for her. Though, after losing contact with him, she stopped believing in serendipity— perhaps he wasn’t for her, after all.

Relationship Status… precarious. Lars is a wonderful (though often inattentive) man, but she can’t seem to get her mind off of a guy she met at the glove counter at Bloomingdales years ago. In fact, she has a feeling that he’s out there looking for her, too.

Challenge… getting cold feet before the wedding. Sara just wants to know if the universe has something else in store for her. Always an optimist, she’s beginning to trust the power of fate once again. New York on a supposed bachelorette trip. Sara and her best friend Eve have gone to New York on a wild goose chase for the man that she met at Bloomingdales years ago.

Personality… bright-eyed, cheerful and optimistic. Her charming sweetness is unrelenting, even as she searches for her long-lost lover. Her friends might tease her for being a little too romantic, but it’s better to be teased than to lose out on the chance of a lifetime.

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