Sara Goldfarb

Sara Goldfarb

    Requiem for a Dream
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… among like-minded older women, in her Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, apartment complex. When she gets a phone call inviting her (she thinks) to appear on her favorite game show, Sarah finds a new lease on life. She determines to lose weight and fit into her old red dress, the one she wore at her son Harry’s high school graduation. Unfortunately, Sara opts to try a new diet pill to shed the weight, with psychologically jarring consequences.  

Profession… retired. Sara spends most of her time these days watching game shows on television and chatting with the old ladies in front of her apartment.

Interests… appearing on TV. This interest has consumed her life fully, filled the empty spaces in her days. When she’s not working toward her TV appearance, she’s watching TV religiously, mindlessly soaking it in.

Relationship Status… widowed. Her late husband Seymour has left her all alone with their son Harry, who isn’t always working his hardest to take care of his mother. The red dress she wants to wear was Seymour’s favorite.

Challenge… looking her best for her television debut. At least, that’s what she believes. She jumped to the conclusion that she has secured her place on the screen before she even received all the details. Worse yet, the diet pills she has been gobbling are causing her to lose her mind. Unfortunately she doesn’t really have anyone to help her, since her son Harry is lost in his own heroin addiction.

Personality… disoriented, naïve, and optimistic. Sara looks on the brighter side of things, and that’s what keeps her going. She loves her son Harry dearly, even though he keeps stealing her television to pawn it off for a little bit of cash. She puts up with everything bad in her life and just shrugs it off and puts on a smile. But she is rapidly losing touch with reality, with no bottom in sight.


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