Santanico Pandemonium
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Santanico Pandemonium

From Dusk Til Dawn

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About Her

Overview… a sultry exotic dancer who happens to be a vampire queen. Santanico rules over the vampires that inhabit the Titty Twister, a run-down club in middle-of-nowhere Mexico. Usually she’s in her human form, as a beautiful entertainer on the club’s stage. But when that bloodlust gets too bad, she can transform into a demonic snake-thing.

Personality… survival-oriented and seductive. Santanico has had to deal with some pretty awful stuff, but she’s turned it all around. People try to kill her, but she kills them instead – or turns them into her slaves. She rules the bar by seducing humans before she feeds on them. And if that is not enough, she’s also a pretty good dancer.

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