Sandy Cohen
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Sandy Cohen

The O.C.

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About Him

Grew up… in New York City, which gave Sandy a streetwise cynicism foreign to most residents of Newport Beach. Sandy has truly been at the bottom, which makes his life near the top of Newport society even sweeter.

Living… the good life in Newport Beach, Calif. Even though Sandy has the perfect family, he’s never fully satisfied with the world. Always an idealist, Sandy is willing to sacrifice in order to fix a problem, whether societal or in his own backyard.

Profession… public defender. His ability to “anticipate the worst at all times” has made him a successful lawyer. Sandy knows that he could be making a fortune in a private practice, but he believes that working for the public and helping the less fortunate provides him with much more satisfying rewards. Of course it doesn’t hurt that his wife is wealthy.

Interests… his family. Sandy tells his son Seth, “Since the minute you were born I knew I would never take another easy breath without knowing that you were all right.” There’s nothing that Sandy wouldn’t do for his wife and son.

Relationship Status… happily married to the daughter of the most powerful man in Newport. Sandy provides comic relief and an outsider’s perspective to the personal politics of Newport. He encourages his wife, Kirsten, to give herself a bit of distance from the corrupt Newport establishment. This is why he describes their relationship as “bulletproof.”

Challenge… convincing his family that taking in a troubled teen from Chino is a good idea. The smart and talented Ryan Atwood, one of Sandy’s legal clients, is in a downward spiral; he’s been tossed out of his home by his alcoholic mother and has turned to crime to survive. Sandy knows that he has to do something drastic in order to save the boy from his destructive path. But can Sandy persuade his strong-willed wife that Ryan should become their problem 24/7?

Personality… funny and sweet. Sandy knows when to use tough love and when to be sarcastic. He’s the most realistic and grounded member of the Cohen family, and often reminds his friends and neighbors that there’s more to life than money and status.

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