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Sandy Bates

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About Him

Overview… a comic filmmaker in the midst of an existential crisis. Sandy is looking to make more serious, sophisticated films. He’s spent most of his career making quirky slapstick comedies, but his latest effort is proving to be a bit more challenging and ambitious than the studio executives would like. To complicate things, he’s balancing three different relationships at once. Sandy is a man who doesn’t have any idea what he wants from life other than to be taken seriously.

Personality… melancholy, confused, and egotistical. Sandy constantly derides his fans, complains about his personal life, and taunts the studio heads. Fuelling it all is his existential angst and unanswered questions about life. As he says, “If nothing lasts, why am I bothering to make films or do anything for that matter?”

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Sandy Bates
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