Samus Aran

Samus Aran


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... with the Chozo. Samus’s parents were killed on the Earth colony K-2L by Ridley, the leader of a group of evil space pirates. Samus was then adopted by the Chozo, an ancient and wise race of birdlike aliens.

Living... in space. Samus’s only home is her ship as she flies around the galaxy searching for adventure.

Visiting... strange alien worlds. From Tallon IV, an old world haunted by the ghosts of her dead caregivers, to Phaaze, a planet made entirely of an evil sentient element, Samus has ventured into some of the strangest and most dangerous places in the universe.

Profession... bounty hunter. The Chozo infused Samus with their DNA and gave her a powerful suit of armor to make her a strong galactic protector. She first used her abilities as a member of the Galactic Federation. However, after a falling out, she became an independent bounty hunter.

Interests… remembering her past. During her down time, Samus will become lost in thought remembering pivotal moments from her past. This includes her first traumatic encounter with Ridley, her relationship with the baby Metroid alien she saved, and her complicated history with the Galactic Federation.

Relationship Status... single. Samus spends most of her time isolated on alien worlds. However, she does have a complex, tragic past with Adam Malkovich. As her commander during her days in the Federation, he was both her father figure and vague romantic interest.

Challenge... protecting the galaxy. With her feared and legendary strength, Samus has made a lot of enemies throughout the cosmos – ranging from space pirates to her evil doppelgänger Dark Samus. However, her biggest challenge is stopping the threat of Metroids, evil parasitic aliens accidently created by the Chozo.                                                                                                     

Personality... guarded. Samus can come off as cold – she rarely talks and is emotionally distant. However, beneath all of that is an incredibly strong woman with a very sad past who is dealing with it by focusing on the present. As she says, “My past is not a memory, it’s a force at my back. It pushes and steers. What’s past is prologue.”


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