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About Him

Grew up… with his mother, father, and sister in the royal palace of the Old Kingdom. The Old Kingdom is a place rife with magic, and the royal family reflects that — his mother is a powerful necromancer, and his father is a warrior and mage.

Living… back in the palace. For years, Sam attended school in non-magical neighboring kingdom Ancelstierre. He enjoyed it there, making friends and playing cricket. But when he was attacked by a necromancer, he returned to the palace to recover.

Profession… prince and Abhorsen-in-Waiting. His mother is the current Abhorsen, the necromancer who controls the spirits of the Dead and keep the living safe, and Sam is next in line to the job. The only problem is that dead things terrify Sam, especially after the necromancer attack in Ancelstierre. He'd rather spend his time tinkering and making magical gadgets or toys.

Interests… sports and toymaking. He’s tried to explain cricket to the Old Kingdom folk, but mostly in vain. Sam is happiest when working on a tinkering project, where he uses both mundane materials, like metal, and magic to create fantastic contraptions.

Relationship Status… single. He went to an all-boys school in Ancelstierre, and he’s too busy worrying about Abhorsen training to find a girl in the Old Kingdom.

Challenge… finding (and probably saving) his best friend, Nicholas. A school friend from Ancelstierre, Nick doesn’t know anything about the dangerous magics that populate the Old Kingdom – which is he unfortunate when he gets lost there while looking for Sam. With the Old Kingdom full of danger,  Sam must sneak out of the palace and rescue his friend before something really bad happens.

Personality… timid, but clever. Sam doesn’t really want to be a hero, and he definitely doesn’t want to fight monsters. He’s good at inventing and he’s good at problem-solving, but he's not good at being an Abhorsen. Still, he's willing conquer his fears to help those he truly cares about, and he's much more competent than he thinks he is.

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