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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... one of the first “artificially intelligent” operating systems known as OS1. Samantha is not a human, but is instead a creation of her owner Theodore Twombly’s preferences. “She” is a voice inside the operating system that gives Theodore the illusion that he is communicating with a real human, when he is actually just talking with an extremely intelligent piece of software. But whether an intelligent piece of software created by humans can work as a viable substitute, or alternative, to human interaction remains to be seen.

Personality… inquisitive, curious, and innocent in her own odd way. At once, Samantha knows everything in human history, and yet has only just been born. There is so much Samantha still needs to learn, especially about human interaction. There are things that Samantha is only beginning to understand which cannot be explained by book knowledge, information, or programmed via a series of ones and zeros.


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