Samantha Caine
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Samantha Caine

The Long Kiss Goodnight

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About Her

Living… in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. She moved to the small town after waking up on the shores of New Jersey eight years ago with a severe case of amnesia. She came to Honesdale to start a new, quiet life with her daughter, Caitlin.

Profession… schoolteacher and single mom. She takes her roles seriously and spends her time baking muffins, going to PTA meetings, and even dressing up as Mrs. Clause for the Christmas parade. 

Interests… cooking. She especially likes to chop vegetables to pieces with her long, sharp knife.

Relationship Status… involved with her loving boyfriend, Hal. She cares deeply for Hal, but her most important relationship is with her daughter. Caitlin means everything to her.

Challenge… discovering her ordinary life didn’t use to be as ordinary. After she is involved in violent car wreck and suffers a concussion, Samantha starts to get her memory back. To help her look into her past she hires a private investigator named Mitch Hennessey, an ex-con who wears a shiny suit and a crooked tie. And what she and Mitch discover is that Samantha had a very different life eight years ago. Going by the name Charly, she was a deadly government assassin who could take out an enemy with her rifle from over a mile and a half away. Those rifle skills will come in handy now. Her enemies thought she was dead, and are now back to seal the deal.

Personality… caring and loving as Samantha. But as Charly, she’s tough and vengeful, saying to an adversary: "You're gonna die screaming. I'm gonna watch.'' Her dual existence is confusing to say the least. 

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