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Grew Up... in the 1970s. Sam met Max as a youngster, and they have been best friends ever since. Just to be clear, Sam is a 6-foot-tall dog and Max is a rabbit (though he prefers to call his kind “lagomorphs”). Before the duo settled on a life of crime-fighting, Sam (allegedly) worked as a flight attendant, a caretaker at a petting zoo, and a circus acrobat.

Living... on the road. Sam and Max’s jobs as “freelance police officers” take them everywhere from Louisiana to beyond time and space, meeting new clients and taking on new cases. They drive a 1960 DeSoto Adventurer and share an office in New York.

Profession... freelance police officer, together with his partner Max. Their badges are fake and they have no real authority, but the unorthodox duo is surprisingly effective. They consistently get to the bottom of mysteries that would only perplex the police.

Interests… collecting information. Sam loves learning new things and showing off his encyclopedic, if occasionally inaccurate, knowledge. He also has a notorious sweet tooth, but he is very sensitive about his weight.

Relationship Status... single. When he was younger, Sam was very shy around girls, although he did almost go to the prom with Melanie Prendergast. However, he does have a strong bond with Max.

Challenge... cracking the case. Sam and Max have taken on countless seemingly impossible mysteries. They’ve investigated circus freaks and encountered ancient extra-dimensional gods. But they always find a way to solve every conundrum.

Personality... calm, cool, and collected. Sam will occasionally succumb to his more feral canine instincts, but in general he is the straight man of the duo. This makes him the perfect partner to balance out the violent and hyperactive Max. However, Sam’s passivity also frequently gets him wrapped up in Max’s crazier schemes, because Sam “can’t think of a reason not to.”

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