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Living… in a chaotic but cozy little home in New Jersey with her mother and adopted African brother, Titembay. Oh, and her pet Dobermans and hamsters of course. The house is almost a menagerie.

Profession… law office employee. Sam is prone to spontaneous seizing as a result of her epilepsy. The company’s insurance won’t cover her unless she dons preventative covering, so Sam wears a helmet to work.

Interests... tap dancing and making weird gestures. Sam tries to invent entirely original moves and encourages her friend Andrew to do the same: “This is your one opportunity to do something that no one has ever done before and that no one will copy throughout human existence.” Pretty special, right?

Relationship Status… single. But there is something quite intriguing about Andrew Largeman. Sam recognized the struggling young actor at the local clinic and has been hanging out with him ever since.

Challenge… getting Andrew back on his feet. He’s depressed, unmotivated, emotionally dead, and heavily medicated. But Sam is willing to look past his flaws in order to help him move on to a better future.

Personality… impulsive, nosy, and a little bit random. Sam is the strange, but ultimately charming girl-next-door. She kicks her dogs in the gonads, gives her deceased hamsters proper burials, and lies compulsively. Even she acknowledges her own eccentricities: “I mean, I’m weird, man.” 

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