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Living... as a ghost. Sam came back to see his lover, Molly Jensen, who is devastated by his death. Molly was everything to him. But he feels guilty that he never told her how much he loved her. She told him so many times, and all he could say was "ditto." If only he could tell her now, but she hasn't been able to see or hear him.

Profession... former investment banker. Before he died, he stumbled onto something strange at work. There was too much money in certain accounts. He suspects that is why he was murdered.

Interests… molding clay. Molly is an artist, so he is trying to help her with some of her projects. Even though she doesn’t realize it, he joins hands with her. As he finds out, molding clay can be quite sensuous.

Relationship Status... well, he's dead, so technically he's single. Being a ghost is terrible for Sam’s love life because Molly can’t see him and they can't touch. He knows Molly needs to move on after his death, but why is she spending so much time with his supposed best friend, Carl?

Challenge... warning Molly about the guy who killed him. Sam thinks he may come back to kill her too. So he reached out to Oda Mae Brown for help. Her office sign said she was a Medium, Spirit Reader, and Advisor. She said he scared her half to death because she never actually dealt with a spirit before. Although she is a fake – or was a fake, anyway – she is his last hope. She is the only one who hears him in his ghostly state.

Personality… a guy’s guy, at least in life. But death turns him into a bleeding-heart romantic. If only he could have expressed his love openly to Molly while he was alive. But maybe, through Oda Mae, he'll have one last chance to do so – and hopefully save Molly and solve his own murder in the process.

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