Sam Merrick
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Sam Merrick

Mean Creek

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About Him

Overview… a shy teenager who has had enough. Most thing in Sam Merrick’s life are good: his older brother Rocky likes him and treats him with respect, he gets along well with most people his age, his grades are good, and his family loves him. In fact, the only real problem Sam has is with the local bully George– a troubled and dim-witted boy who has been held back several years, and who now uses his superior size to harass and intimidate his younger classmates. When Sam comes home one day sporting bruises from his latest beating, Rocky hatches a plan to humiliate George and stop him from picking on kids. But what starts as a harmless prank soon threatens to turn serious…

Personality… quiet, thoughtful, and intelligent. Sam doesn’t often speak without thinking, and a person can almost see the wheels turning behind his eyes as he considers what to say. The Merrick boys both have good heads on their shoulders and are well-liked for the simplest and purest of reasons: they were raised with a persistent and true sense of decency. Unfortunately, as they learn more about George and get closer to the prank, a conscience becomes an increasingly troublesome thing to have.

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