Sam Hanna
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Sam Hanna

NCIS: Los Angeles

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About Him

Grew Up… in a small walk-up in Brooklyn, NY. Not a stranger to the streets, Sam dreamt of growing up to  have an exciting job that took him to lots of exotic locations.

Living… in Los Angeles. Sam landed his dream job as a Navy SEAL, traveling all over the world, but now he’s ready to settle down.

Profession… NCIS Special Agent. Sam is part of an elite team of investigators tasked with solving the military’s most difficult and perplexing crimes, ranging from high level securities heists to full scale terrorist plots. It’s fast paced work, but he still finds time to joke and banter with his partner Callen.

Interests… kicking back with a brew, reading, and tinkering with things. He takes a special interest in working on home improvement, claiming that, “Building relaxes me. Besides, it’s good for a man to know what he can create with his hands.” His love of using his hands extends to the job, where he can be seen practicing origami in spare moments.

Relationship Status… married, with a daughter. One of the main reasons that Sam left the military for NCIS was to settle down and start a family. His wife Michelle is a former CIA agent who shares his desire for a quiet and stable home life.

Challenge… keeping bad guys off the streets. Sam takes his work very seriously, determined to catch criminals and enforce the law of the land. This sometimes requires him to do undercover missions, and that can weigh on him, particularly when he has to avoid contact with his family and friends.

Personality…. principled and kind. Given his muscular stature, people might assume that Sam is rough and tumble. However, so long as you aren’t a criminal trying to escape from him on foot, Sam is gentle and considerate. His strong belief in hard work means that he puts in the extra effort even when his co-workers cut corners. But he’s also smug when that extra work pays off. Sam values his family and friends above all else, often becoming emotional when they endure hardship. He will go to great lengths to create a better life for those that he loves. 


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