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About Him

Grew Up... in America. Although he has never been afraid to question his superiors and stand up to them, Sam Gideon is still very loyal to his country and takes his orders from President Winters very seriously. 

Living... in an O’Neill Cylinder space station. When overpopulation threatened to destroy Earth’s resources, the United States government launched a new space station designed to collect vast amounts of solar power to use as a replacement energy source.

Profession... DARPA researcher. Sam’s greatest success as a talented DARPA researcher is the creation of the Augmented Reaction Suit. The suit is powerful robotic armor that grants its wearer fast jet-powered movement, the ability to reproduce nearly any weapon, and a host of other useful combat tools. 

Interests... football. Sam used to be quite the college football player. However, a serious injury cut his career tragically short. Now he just smokes a lot.

Relationship Status... single. Though Sam has a pretty good working relationship with Elena Ivanova, who provides him with radio support from DARPA’s headquarters.

Challenge... defending the space station. After the Russian government is taken over by the ultranationalist Order of the Russian Star, Sam and his commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Burns, are put in charge of a task force to protect America’s precious new space station from foreign threats.

Personality... courageous, brave, and a bit reckless. Sam is known for quickly running off to fight opponents without any kind of approval. As he says, ‘Time to hit them hard and make them regret!” But he balances that with very strong morals.

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