Sam Emerson
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Sam Emerson

The Lost Boys

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About Him

Living… in Santa Carla, California. Sam used to live in Phoenix, but his mom, his older brother and he have moved into his Grandpa’s house – which is majorly creepy. There are dead animals everywhere (Grandpa’s a taxidermist), and there’s not even any TV. As he protests, “Do you know what it means when there's no TV? No MTV!” Sam’s not too pleased about that. Nor is he pleased about the fact that Santa Carla’s apparently the murder capital of the world.

Profession… student on vacation. No school until the end of summer. In the meantime, though, Sam’s new acquaintances, the Frog brothers, are trying to recruit him into their line of work. What is that exactly? They claim to fight the undead. Well, it seems to be the only thing going on in Santa Carla, so Sam might as well play along.

Interests… pop culture. The Frog brothers might call him a “fashion victim,” but Sam’s got a lot more going on than just clothing. He has encyclopedic knowledge of comics, and he also likes movies and live music. There’s an arcade on the Boardwalk, which is pretty cool. Lately, though, the Frog brothers’ obsession with vampires has become one of his main interests as well.

Relationship Status… none. Sam still sleeps in the same bed as his mom when he gets scared. He’s not going to be making a move on anybody anytime soon. In fact, when he’s dragged along on his brother Michael’s quest to find a pretty girl, he complains, “I’m at the mercy of your sex glands, bud.”

Challenges… figuring out what’s happened to his brother. Usually they get along pretty well, but recently Michael has been acting really strange. The Frog brothers are convinced he’s become a vampire, and Sam is starting to believe it too. But what do you do when your brother’s a vampire? You can’t just kill him, right? But what if he tries to kill you first?

Personality… talkative, funny, and lively. Sam is a master of the one-liner. He also walks the fine line between loving his brother and being terrified of him. Whichever direction he’s leaning at the moment, he’s not the type to just sit around and wait for things to develop.

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