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About Her

Grew Up... in England, where her Arabic name Samira makes her “the definition of cultural appropriation.” When she moved to Glendale, California, she decided to go by the humbler name “Sam.”

Living... in the apocalypse. Everything changed six months ago, when a nuclear bioweapon exploded during Glendale High’s homecoming game. It transformed all of the adults into zombie-like creatures called “ghoulies” and left the world in the hands of the kids who survived.

Profession... high school student turned survivalist. There aren’t really jobs or schools in the apocalypse, just a bunch of teens turning high school cafeteria cliques into all-out turf wars. Groups like a violent cabal of Jocks, Clan 4-H, and the Cheermazons now rule over their individual corners of Glendale.

Interests... wearing quirky fashions and challenging the patriarchy.

Relationship Status... dating Josh Wheeler. Or at least she was before the apocalypse hit. Sam first met the Canadian transfer student when she was charged with showing him around his new school. They hit it off immediately and seemed to have a pitch perfect high school romance. But while it’s clear that Josh was head-over-heels in love with Sam, her feelings are a little more mysterious.

Challenge... spreading positivity. Sam believes the world needs more kindness. Before the apocalypse hit, she filmed a video of herself delivering compliments to strangers at the mall and it went insanely viral, making Sam an instant sensation. Presumably she’s still out there spreading that message in her new post-apocalyptic world, although Josh has only heard from her via a single note since the bomb went off.

Personality... cool, caring, and wise-beyond-her-years. Or at least that’s how Sam likes to think of herself. She believes she’s above the immature self-centeredness that tends to define teenagers her age. She’s passionate, outspoken, and kind towards everyone. Coupled with her sixth sense for understanding who people are and where they belong (she’s known as “a human Sorting Hat”), those qualities make Sam the most beloved person at her school. It’s a badge she wears proudly, even though she likes to think she’s above things like popularity.

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