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Sam Carmichael

Mamma Mia!

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About Him

Overview... a dashing Irish architect with a hippie past. As a young man, Sam fell in love with a free-spirited woman named Donna Sheridan. But when summer ended he left her to return to his fiancée. So he’s shocked when 20 years later Donna invites him to her daughter Sophie’s wedding in Greece and even more shocked when it turns out Sophie actually sent the invite. Unbeknownst to Sam, she’s invited three of her mom’s old flames to try to figure out which one is her father.

Personality... confident, composed, and secretly full of regret. On the outside Sam is a put-together professional leading a happy life. But deep down, he still wonders what might have happened if he and Donna hadn’t split up all those years ago…

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Sam Carmichael
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