Sam Baldwin
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Sam Baldwin

Sleepless in Seattle

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About Him

Living... currently in Seattle, moving there from Chicago after his wife died. Sam needed a fresh start. As he said, "Someplace where every time I went around a corner I didn't think of Maggie."

Profession... architect. He used to do big high-profile projects, but has scaled back in recent years. Now he works in a small firm where he remodels residential homes and makes a good, comfortable living.

Relationship Status... challenging, as a single parent to his son, Jonah. Sam isn't sure he's ready to move on yet, and then Jonah calls in to a radio show to say that he wants his dad to find a new wife. Sam gets on the line and touchingly admits how much he misses Maggie, causing him to be flooded by offers for dates. Then when Sam does try to get out there again, Jonah isn't satisfied with anyone he meets – especially his new girlfriend, Victoria. Instead, Jonah likes the letter that Sam received from Annie Reed, a writer for the Baltimore Sun. Against his better judgment, Sam starts to think that Jonah might have a point.

Challenge... finding someone to share his life with now that Maggie is gone. Sam knows it sounds crazy, but he saw a woman twice recently who seems to be his ideal type, but he doesn't know who she is. He definitely doesn't know that she's actually the mysterious Annie Reed, who unbenownst to him has been trying to track him down as well, even though she lives in Baltimore and is getting married. Jonah seems convinced that Annie is perfect for Sam, but he's just a kid, right? Sam just hopes Jonah won't do anything rash.

Personality... genuine and warm. But that’s part of his problem. He is a sweet, old-fashioned guy in a cynical and modern world. The fact that he loved Maggie so much is precidely why he's grieved for so long. But Sam still has a lot of love to give, if he can find the right woman.

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