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Sam Axe

Burn Notice

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About Him

Living... in Miami. He moves around quite a bit, sometimes living with women he is dating, and never really establishes his own "home base,” seeming to enjoy the constant state of flux in his life.

Profession... freelance contractor and CIA civilian intelligence affiliate. But as a long time friend of Michael Westen, Sam spends most of his time helping him with his provate investigation work and piecing together Michael's blacklisting from the CIA. That said, Sam is retired with full benefits as a Navy SEAL, so he doesn't really have to work; he is mostly just interested in helping Michael. In his own words, Sam is a "superhero Robin Hood kinda guy."

Interests... getting answers. After hearing about Michael's trouble with the CIA and the various other people out to get him, Sam has become extremely attached to the case. Not only does he want to help set things straight for Michael's sake, he needs to know for himself. Sam's genuine interest and dependability makes him a perfect partner. But after all, when you've already risked your life multiple times for a cause, it's only natural to see things through.

Relationship Status... single. In his "mostly" retired state, Sam is able to play the field and enjoys dating what he calls "sugar mommas.” While he sometimes even lives with a few of the women he is dating, he never appears too committed. He eventually moves in with Michael's mother, Madeline, in hopes of keeping her as far away from their "investigatory" business as possible.

Challenge... taking risks for his friends, sometimes against his better judgment. He is already so embedded in Michael's situation that it's hard for him to detach at this point, but it's still notable how regularly he is forced to put his life on the line. It would be natural for a retired man of Sam's age to opt out of the action, but he still keeps going. It is the source of the most stress, but also the most fulfillment, in his life.

Personality... extremely loyal, risking his Navy benefits by not cooperating with government agencies to inform on Michael. He even said he would die for his friend. He often appears to be very carefree and lazy, but is in fact extremely sharp and regularly helpful to his friend's objectives. He is highly skilled in covert operations due to his work with the Navy and CIA and is also very good at providing a level of comic relief and light-heartedness to otherwise stressful and life-endangering situations: "Mike, I don't know. This one you should be careful. I mean if half this crap is true, Victor's a lot like you, only with, ya know, rabies."

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