Sally Solomon
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Sally Solomon

3rd Rock from the Sun

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About Her

Grew Up… as an extraterrestrial without a gender. Here on Earth she takes the form of a woman, which irks Sally continuously.

Living… in the body of an earthling woman. Her assignment on her new planet is to evaluate the experience of a human female first-hand. She is second in command of the alien military team along with Dick, Harry, and Tommy Solomon. She must pretend to be family with them in order to gather data about earth and the strange experiences that make up human life.

Profession… lieutenant and security officer. Sally is supposed to make sure their identities are unknown and that the mission remains secure. She often believes their security is being compromised but usually these are false alarms.

Relationship Status… in a relationship with Don Orville. He is a police officer, and she’s mostly attracted to him for his uniform. Otherwise he’s weak and wormy, but Sally, as a weird outsider herself, doesn’t notice.

Challenge… dealing with her boss, Dick. He is childish and irresponsible, and the task of keeping things in order often falls on Sally. Without her leadership, their team would have fallen apart by dinnertime on their first night on the planet.  

Personality… professional, disciplined, and tough. Sally upholds the ideals of her home planet’s military and resents having to do her hair and makeup every day. But still, she bravely continues on with her assigned mission because she’s a loyal officer.

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