Sally Bowles
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Sally Bowles


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About Her

Grew Up... in America, a place she was eager to escape for a European lifestyle.

Living... stylishly, in 1930s Berlin. Sally enthusiastically embraces the bohemian lifestyle of the German Weimar Republic, throwing caution to the wind and self-medicating with liquor when she feels down. Her favorite phrase is, “Divine decadence, darling.”

Profession... cabaret singer at the seedy Kit Kat Club. The venue celebrates all things risqué with sexy acts and boundary-pushing performances. It’s the German epicenter of sexual liberation, freedom, and decadence, and Sally is never happier than when she’s performing on the Kit Kat stage.  

Interests... wearing green nail polish, whipping up Prairie Oysters to cure her hangovers, and living an opulent lifestyle well beyond her means.

Relationship Status... it’s complicated. Sally is eager to find pleasure in every aspect of life and she’s in no hurry to tie herself down to one man. But she does take particular notice of her new neighbor, a reserved British academic named Brian Roberts. The only problem is he may not even be interested in women.

Challenge... keeping things just as they are. If there’s one thing Sally hates, it’s change. She doesn’t want new commitments to tie her down or new responsibilities to burden her. She prefers to keep things eternally happy and to simply ignore the problems she doesn’t want to deal with – including the rise of the Nazi party across Germany.

Personality... eccentric, vivacious, flippant, and sexy. To the outside world Sally is a happy-go-lucky performer whose outrageous style is only outmatched by her powerhouse voice. But underneath her flashy exterior, Sally is far more complicated and far less emotionally stable than she pretends to be. But just as she performs onstage, she’s learned to perform in her real life too. She once bragged, “That's me, darling. Unusual places, unusual love affairs. I am a most strange and extraordinary person.”

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