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Saladin Chamcha

The Satanic Verses

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About Him

Grew up… wealthy, but unhappy. Salahuddin Chamchawala by birth, the son of Indian nationalist leader Changez Chamchawala grew up without material wants, but with a deep grudge against his controlling, overbearing father.

Living… in England, thank God. Saladin has never felt at home in India, and while he's an outsider in England, it's at least better than the country he grew up in. As he puts it, "Damn you, India. To hell with you, I escaped your clutches long ago."

Visiting... the home of Muhammad Sufyan and his family, after a terrorist highjacks Saladin's plane. Miraculously, he survives intact, although not unchanged: after falling into the English Channel, Saladin comes out with a pair of horns and what seems to be the start of a tail.

Profession… actor, though he generally does voiceover work. Saladin's Indian appearance often makes blending in difficult for him in the West, but his voice has always been more than enough to make up for it. Dubbed "The Man of a Thousand Voices and a Voice," Saladin can imitate anyone and anything.

Interests… English tea, British music, and literature – as long as it's British. An avid anglophile, Saladin is just as adoring of his adopted nation as he is scornful of his mother country.

Relationship Status… married to Pamela Lovelace, but perhaps not for long. Pamela believes him dead, but it's not like their marriage was a picnic before Saladin's plunge into the ocean. He was, after all, cheating on her with Zeenat Vakil.

Challenge… dealing with one test after another. Seriously, where to begin? Most immediately, there's the fact that he seems to be transforming into some sort of Satanic devil. Then there's Saladin's relationship with his father, and with Changez in his late 70s now, Saladin "won't have many more chances" to make his peace with him. Then there's the matter of getting revenge on Gibreel Farishta, Saladin's fellow survivor who traitorously abandons him post-crash. Add to all that Saladin's identity issues, and it's enough to turn anyone devilish with rage.

Personality… serious, severe, and cynical. Saladin is a self-made man: everything he has, he worked for, and he's proud of it. But despite all Saladin's attempts at becoming English, he isn't, and his newly sprouted horns aren't helping him in that effort.

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