Sabrina Spellman
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Sabrina Spellman

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

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About Her

Living… in Westbridge, Massachusetts, with her two aunts and a talking cat named Salem. On her 16th birthday, Sabrina finds out that she’s a witch – and so are her aunts, and so is her cat, who was turned into a cat as punishment for attempting world domination.

Profession… high school student and witch in training. It’s really tempting to try and solve the problems of high school with magic, so Sabrina often does. Try, that is. Since she only just found out that she’s a witch, something typically goes wrong.

Interests… music, surviving high school, figuring out her magic. Sabrina is a good student, if you don’t count accidentally turning people into pineapples.

Relationship Status… crushing on Harvey, a good-looking fellow student. Unfortunately, queen bee Libby also has her eye on Harvey. Not to mention the fact that Libby would try to steal Harvey even if she didn’t like him, just to get Sabrina’s goat.

Challenge… cleaning up the messes she accidentally makes. Turns out using magic isn’t just snapping your fingers – well, it isn’t if you want to make sure it does what you actually meant it to. Sabrina casts plenty of spells that go awry, and if a mortal finds out she’s a witch, she’ll be punished. Time to figure out another sure-fire spell to clean the last one up!

Personality… cheerful, friendly, and funny. Sabrina is a pleasure to be around – she tries to help other people, her deadpan sense of humor is right on point, and she is almost always bright and sunny. She would be the perfect friend, if it wasn’t for her tendency to accidentally cause magical disasters, and then wipe the memories of her mortal friends. She never means it, but she’s a little bit of a klutz.

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