Sabrina Collins
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Sabrina Collins

Raising Hope

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About Her

Grew Up… in a wealthy family on the nice side of town, along with her sister. Growing up in an accomplished family, she always felt like an oddball, and they were never close.

Living… in Natesville, the small town where she grew up. She has never left and is insecure with her lack of accomplishments, especially compared to those of her family and high school friends.

Visiting… the Chance family home. After befriending Jimmy, Sabrina becomes close with everyone in the Chance family, especially Jimmy’s mother Virginia. Sabrina has a very sweet bond with Jimmy’s young daughter, Hope, whom she sometimes babysits.

Profession… a store clerk at Howdy’s, the local grocery store. Sabrina often becomes bored in her job and likes to play harmless silly pranks, such as switching the cereal boxes and soup cans, or drawing on the cantaloupes.

Relationship Status… in a long-distance, long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Wyatt. He’s a student in New York with a bright future, and he can be pretty controlling. But Sabrina’s relationship with him blinds her to any other, better romantic prospects. Such as the sweet Jimmy, who also works at Howdy’s and pines away for Sabrina. 

Challenge… accepting herself for who she is, rather than trying to change. The Chances love Sabrina the way she is, but Sabrina is secretly insecure about where she is in life. Her family has always been successful and her boyfriend is a finance student in a big city. Sabrina needs to learn to accept her quirks, because they are part of what make her such a loveable, nurturing, and good-hearted person.  

Personality… sarcastic, mischievous, and perceptive. Sabrina is a smart underachiever. She’s kind-hearted and nurturing, but equally impulsive and goofy. Though she’s often the one with the most common sense – especially when compared to the Chance family – she has anxieties of her own that often manifest in quirky ways, like when she goes to bed wearing pantyhose because of her spider phobia. 

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