Fate/Stay Night

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… sometime in the past. As per the rules of the Holy Grail Wars, no one really knows where Saber is from or even who she is – only that her past must have been truly magnificent, as only Heroic Spirits can be summoned to fight.

Living… in modern-day Japan, after accidentally being summoned there by Shirou Emiya. Ordinarily, the magician who summoned Saber would be a vastly powerful one, but since Shirou's just a high school student, Saber often has to compensate for his lack of ability. Fortunately, she can do that.

Profession… Servant to Shirou's Master in the Fifth Holy Grail War. As Servant and Master, Saber and Shirou are fighting against other Heroic Spirits and their Masters for the ultimate prize: the Holy Grail, which grants its victor their heart's desire. Unfortunately, the Holy Grail War is a War, and there are more than a few people ready to lie, cheat, and kill for a chance at the Holy Grail.

Interests… swordplay, chivalry, and food. Saber's a skilled, dignified swordswoman, but that doesn't mean she can't have her material delights, too – a well-cooked meal is an easy way to win her heart, as is a stuffed lion. 

Relationship Status… single. As a warrior, Saber has always put herself above romance. As she puts it, "I have never thought of myself as a woman, and I have never been treated as one." However her current Master, Shirou, may prove to be an exception.

Challenge… winning the Holy Grail War and protecting Shirou. Saber's determined to use the Holy Grail to rectify her past, but Shirou's been proving a hindrance rather than a help in winning himit Even beyond his lack of magical prowess, he's shocked by the bloodiness of the war, and his idealistic pacifism often irritates Saber. Still, she can't just abandon him: "Even if he is not a Master, our contract will not go away.I have sworn to protect him and to be his sword."

Personality… brave, determined, and dignified. Beyond her prowess in battle, Saber has the mind of a warrior, too; deeply noble, she believes in honesty and honor above all. Unfortunately, her commitment to her principles can make Saber hard to talk to, but her social skills have been improving – slowly, yes, but it's something. 


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