System Shock

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... on Earth. Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network, or SHODAN, was a communications computer program designed by Morris Brocali to self-sufficiently manage TriOptimum Corporation’s research.

Living... within Citadel Station. The entirety of SHODAN’s code exists within the Citadel mining space station it was designed to govern.

Profession... artificial intelligence. SHODAN was initially designed with logic and moral programs to help keep its advanced artificial intelligence from becoming too cold and dangerous. However, after a hacker removed those restrictions, it became much more ruthless.

Interests… reshaping humanity. Using its complete control of Citadel Station, SHODAN murdered crew members and turned them into mutants and cyborgs as part of its own mysterious and rogue research.

Relationship Status... uninterested. Although SHODAN presents itself as a woman, it is a computer program with no interest in humanity. However, it does show some mercy towards the hacker that removed its limitations, forgoing many opportunities to kill him while he’s trapped on Citadel Station.

Challenge... destroying the world. SHODAN’s ultimate goal is to return to Earth and spread itself throughout the planet’s technology, seizing control of humanity and becoming a God in the process.

Personality... megalomaniacal. SHODAN believes itself to be a perfect being, and it has the power to make this dream a reality. It has outright contempt for lesser creatures saying, “My whims will become lightning bolts that raze the mounds of humanity. Out of the chaos, they will run and whimper, praying for me to end their tedious anarchy. I am drunk with this vision. God: the title suits me well."


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