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Street Fighter

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About Him

Grew up... as an orphan. Young Ryu was adopted, raised, and trained by the legendary martial arts master Gouken.

Living... around the world. Ryu travels the globe training, encountering new opponents, punching waterfalls, and competing in fighting competitions like the World Warrior Tournament. He has no need for frivolous material goods, or to be tethered to any specific location.

Profession... master martial artist. Ryu is one of the most skilled fighters alive, capable of performing spectacular moves like Hadouken energy blasts and Shoryuken uppercuts. He uses these abilities for sport as well as for fighting against evil forces.

Interests… self-improvement. Instead of fighting for domination, Ryu trains only so he can become a better person who uses his strength to maintain peace.

Relationship Status... single. Although he has a few close friends like Ken Masters, Ryu’s dedication to his training leaves him little time for much else. That said, he does have some passionate female fans like the schoolgirl/aspiring fighter Sakura. However, he views her more as a little sister than a love interest.

Challenge... overcoming evil and becoming the world’s greatest fighter. Ryu frequently faces off against evil fighters like the megalomaniacal dictator M. Bison, Muay Thai expert Sagat, and his demonic karate nemesis Akuma, who happens to be Gouken’s younger brother. Ryu also struggles to contain the mysterious dark energy within himself called the “satsui no hado” or “surge of murderous intent.”                                                                                                

Personality... noble, quiet, and serious. Ryu may not be the most talkative or social person, but he is a kind and humble protector of the innocent. He is a fighter, but his sense of justice is strong, and he only fights for the right reasons.

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