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Ryan O'Reily


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About Him

Grew up… only trusting his family. Ryan doesn’t care about anyone else except for his own flesh and blood, especially his brother, Cyril. He grew up on rough streets, and “learned the alphabet the hard way: DEA, HIV, IOU.”

Living… in Oswald State Penitentiary for life (up for parole in 12 years). Ryan was arrested for vehicular manslaughter after a drug- and alcohol-fueled rampage. His answer to all of life’s problems has been to get high.

Profession… former leader of the Bridge Street Gang, an Irish-American crew known for running drugs and committing murders. He aspires to gain control of the drug trade within Oz.

Interests… getting high. But Ryan is also dedicated to his brain-damaged brother. When Cyril O’Reily comes to Oz, Ryan does everything in his power to protect him.

Relationship Status... falling hard for the prison doctor, Dr. Gloria Nathan, when she treats him (successfully) for breast cancer. There are two main problems – Dr. Nathan may not return his romantic affections, and she’s married. But Ryan isn’t one to take “no” for an answer.

Challenge… gaining power without making too many enemies. Ryan has double-crossed almost everyone that he’s made a pact with. His ability to manipulate the members of rival gangs has helped him conspire to have several inmates killed, but he talks badly about even his supposed allies behind their backs. Will all of his lying and deceit come back to bite him?

Personality… ruthless and cunning. Ryan is not your average brutish killer; he has the ability to charm and make friends, to forge alliances and to create conflict amongst his enemies. Ryan also seems to have a sharp mind when it comes to diplomacy in Oz.

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