Ryan Bingham
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Ryan Bingham

Up in the Air

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About Him

Living… up in the air. Ryan Bingham’s job requires him to spend most of his life traveling on a plane, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. As he explains, “Last year, I spent 322 days on the road, which means I had to spend 43 miserable days at home.” Airport bars and lightweight luggage are staples in Ryan’s life, and he prefers the comfort of a good hotel room to his own bedroom. 

Profession… corporate downsizing expert for the Career Transitions Corporation. Basically, Ryan fires people for a living so that gutless employers don’t have to. Ryan has the charm, tact, and ability not to get personally involved that are required for the job.

Interests… delivering inspiring talks. Ryan’s winning smile and natural charisma make him a great motivational speaker. His favorite speech, “What’s in Your Backpack?”, encourages others to unburden themselves from relationships in order to live a life of independence.

Relationship Status… single and mingling. Ryan frequently has a string of flings. Constant travel means that he gets acquainted with all sorts of women and luckily never has to settle down. His latest lover is the fellow frequent flier, Alex Goran. Though against his usual instinct, he might actually be falling for Alex for real.

Challenge… earning 10 million frequent flier miles. To Ryan, this goal is much more than just a number. Achieving it will grant him many perks – lifetime executive status, a meeting with the chief pilot, and his name on the side of a plane! Thanks to careful management of his mileage account, Ryan isn’t too far from the target. Let other men worry about finding true love or building a family; Ryan is shooting to be king of the air travelers.

Personality… winsome and independent. With his good looks and affable personality, Ryan could attract almost any woman of his choice. However, he is also a total commitment-phobe: “Make no mistake, moving is living.” His knack for detaching himself from situations, though,  comes in handy for his job. Ryan has to deal with the tears, pleas, and angry tantrums of the recently unemployed without compromising his own impassiveness towards their situation. An overly emotional corporate downsizer is a bad corporate downsizer. Of course, being perpetually emotionally disengaged isn't necessarily the path to a full and satisfying life, either.

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