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Ruth Langmore


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Living... in a trailer park home in the outskirts of the Lake of the Ozarks with her cousins and uncles. Abusive and manipulative, her father Cade is in prison. Growing up in such a dysfunctional family has hardened Ruth.  

Profession... thief. She works wherever she can, but she gets most of her money from stealing from the locals. 

Challenge... following through on her father’s orders to steal from a new family in town. Her father has heard that Marty Byrde is handling a drug cartel’s millions. But as Ruth gets to know Marty and his family, she’s having second thoughts about going through with it. 

Personality... smart, tough, and devious. Ruth hasn’t had any good role models growing up, so she’s figuring out things largely on her own. She’s got an acid tongue and an impulsive streak. But as you get to know her, she’s more complicated than she appears. 

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