Rusty Ryan
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Rusty Ryan

Ocean's Eleven

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About Him

Living... in Las Vegas, when he’s visited by his old friend Danny Ocean. Danny just got out of jail and has a crazy plan: to rob the Bellagio, Mirage and MGM Casinos all at once. If anyone can do it, it’s those two.

Profession... partner-in-crime, literally, of Danny Ocean. They run cons, pull heists, grift, lie and steal – and they look great doing it. With the help of their closest, sneakiest friends, they specialize in long cons. Danny handles the big-picture ideas and Rusty takes care of the details.

Interests… fast food and cheap drinks. Rusty always seems to be gulping down a greasy burger or stuffing fries into his mouth. You’d think a guy who’s stolen millions would have ritzier taste, but Rusty likes what he likes.

Relationship Status... serial womanizer. But he has one special ex that got away: Isabel. A beautiful European bombshell, she’d be perfect for him, if only she weren’t also an agent for Europol on the hunt for the world’s biggest master thieves and burglars.

Challenge... making sure all the moving parts work in unison to pull off the biggest heist in Vegas history. Danny Ocean is a big, difficult moving part to keep in line, especially when Rusty learns he’s trying to win back his ex-wife Tess. As Rusty tells Danny, “Here’s the problem. We’re stealing two things, and when push comes to shove… you can’t have both.”       

Personality... charming, self-confident, and completely comfortable in his own skin. He made a promise to Danny years ago that dictates how he lives his life: “We’re gonna play the game like we have nothing to lose.” And that’s just what Rusty does. Treating life like a game but not lead to long-term stability, or law-abiding behavior, but it sure looks like fun.

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