Rupert Pupkin
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Rupert Pupkin

The King of Comedy

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About Him

Overview... an off-kilter New Yorker who’s determined to make it as a successful comedian by any means necessary. Let’s just say it: Rupert isn’t all there. His main goal in life is to perform his stand-up act on The Jerry Langford Show. When he meets and befriends Jerry Langford himself, Rupert feels certain his big break is at hand. The only problem is that the “relationship” is all in Rupert’s head.  

Personality... deluded, damaged, and disturbed. Rupert is often quite funny, but unfortunately it’s only sometimes of the “ha-ha” variety. He lacks social skills and pretends to appear on a talk show in his basement, talking to the cardboard cutouts of celebrities perched around him. But Rupert believes in his fantasy of imminent stardom so completely, he may be willing to go to extreme lengths to make it a reality so that just once, people will be laughing with him rather than at him.

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