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Living… with her mommy and daddy. Her parents are often busy working, though, so Angelica spends a lot of time at her aunt and uncle’s house with her cousin Tommy and the other babies: Chuckie, Phil, and Lil.  

Profession… being a 3-year-old. Like any 3-year-old, that mostly involves having fun. But, for Angelica, it also means a near-professional level of manipulation of other children and adults so she can get what she wants, whether that’s the latest toy or for the babies to act like her personal servants. 

Interests… her Cynthia doll, cookies, and getting her wayAngelica also loves to perform, and she’s been known to summon an audience with her commanding presence.  

Relationship Status… single, although she has a few preschool crushes on boys like Dean and Jean-ClaudeAngelica’s most important friendships are her ones with the babies. She’s usually fighting with the other kids or telling them lies about how the world works in order to trick them.  

Challenge… getting her hands on everything she wantsShe’s a spoiled only child who doesn’t get a lot of meaningful attention from her parents, so she tries to get people to notice her in other ways… which usually means acting out. 

Personality… bossy, mean, and spoiled. Angelica is a little tyrant who knows how to manipulate things to get her way. Ultimately, Angelica just wants to be loved… she just has a tendency to be overly forceful about itEven at 3 years old, she is someone who is not getting lost in the world at all; Angelica demands attention.

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