Rudy Huxtable
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Rudy Huxtable

The Cosby Show

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About Her

Living... with her parents, Cliff and Clair, and her older siblings Denise, Theo, and Vanessa in Brooklyn Heights, New York. She is the baby of the Huxtable family and gets the most attention from her parents, brother and sisters.

Profession... student. Rudy spends a lot of time with other children from her school, often bringing them over to spend time at the Huxtable household. The ones she sees the most are Peter, who is very easily frightened into leaving the house, and Kenny, who clearly takes a page from his older (and not necessarily well-intentioned) brother's book. Rudy's parents will gladly host her friends on any occasion but will never pass up a chance to converse with them and make them feel welcome.

Relationship Status... single. Rudy has a lot of friends that are boys, but she isn't really old enough to have romantic feelings towards them yet.

Challenge... growing up. Rudy receives a lot of guidance from her parents and siblings on what path to take in life. This is generally helpful, but having so many different people giving her advice can be a bit overwhelming. Still, she does seem to be on the right track and is much better than if she were left to her to her own devices.

Personality... cute, innocent, and a bit sassy. Rudy tends to get by pretty easily. She generally stays out of trouble due to her positive attitude and charm, and is a regular presence in the lives of her siblings and parents. Rudy really looks up to the other members of her family and is very good about showing gratitude and respect and deference. But she still has a lot of growing up to do, and is very eager to learn and is very smart for her young age.

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