Rudy Baylor
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Rudy Baylor

The Rainmaker

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About Him

Overview… aspiring lawyer Rudy Baylor has his principles, but that’s pretty much all he has at the moment. He’s about to graduate from Memphis State Law School without a well-paying job lined up or a loving family to turn to for help. His desperation leads him to become an associate for J. Lyman Stone, a successful but corrupt personal injury lawyer who turns Rudy into an ambulance-chaser. He isn’t happy about it, but hey, a young man has to earn a living somehow. And who knows? Maybe Rudy will be able to turn his sketchy profession into something worthwhile. Maybe.

Personality… idealistic and compassionate. Rudy is a rare specimen within the lower-level litigation industry. Unlike many of his money-grabbing colleagues, he wants to use the law to protect the helpless and the wronged. Unfortunately, ethics often seem to be more of a burden than an asset in the courtroom or the arena of bare-knuckles street law, but Rudy is determined to stay true to his beliefs.

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