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Grew up… getting her education from the streets of New York City.

Living… an unsafe lifestyle. Ruby loves sex, though even she admits that some of her past behavior has been reckless. There are some dangerous diseases going around New York City in the early-to-mid '90s.

Interests… sex, partying, and having fun. Like most of her peers, Ruby is living day-to-day, just trying to enjoy the humid New York summer with the rest of her friends.

Relationship Status… single. Ruby has had many partners and has been very adventurous for a girl of her age. She’s the most experienced one in her friendship group. As she puts it, “I looooove sex.”

Challenge… helping and comforting her friend Jennie. Ruby is relieved to hear that she herself tested negative for the deadly HIV virus, but her friend Jennie was not so lucky. Ruby has to help Jennie find the boy – the wannabe player Telly – who infected her before he spreads the virus to another innocent young girl.

Personality… vivacious and enthusiastic. Ruby is the life of the party. She’s the perfect person to gossip with about sex, love, and relationships.

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