Ruby Roundhouse

Ruby Roundhouse


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... as Martha in Brantford, New Hampshire. A social outcast at her high school, she was bitter and solitary. But everything changed when she was assigned to detention with three other students.

Visiting… the jungles of Jumanji in a wardrobe that consists solely of a half a shirt and short shorts. She and the other students have been sucked into a video game they played. And now they have become the adult version of the avatars in it.

Profession… lethal warrior. Don’t mess with her because she has killer dance moves—literally.

Interests... ending a curse on Jumanji. As she learned from their guide Nigel, they need to return the jewel and lift the curse if they wish to leave the game. They must save Jumanji and call out its name.

Relationship Status... crushing. Ruby and Xander are starting to fall for each other. Xander is worried about whether they will lose each other in the real world. But Ruby reassures him: “Let's be like this... every day.”

Challenge... avoiding venom, which is her one weakness. Thankfully, she and the other players all have extra lives in Jumanji. But if they die for the third time in the video game, they will perish in real life.

Personality… developing badass. Ruby hasn’t been able to completely leave her prior insecure and awkward self behind in Jumanji. But she’s slowly discovering she is stronger, sexier, and smarter than she ever realized.


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