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Roy Waller

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About Him

Living… a bold faced lie, in Los Angeles. It’s working well for him though, seeing as he lives in a nice mid-century modern and drives a shiny town car.

Profession… salesman or conman, depending on who’s asking. Roy operates a series of scams with his partner Frank, centered on selling overpriced water filtration systems to unsuspecting elderly people. A fairly sophisticated racket, the pair have gotten their work down to a science, and are making decent money. Roy is at times bothered by his work, saying, “It’s no fun doing what I do. A lot of times it’s stealing from people who don’t deserve it.”

Interests… keeping things tidy. Roy suffers from several phobias and nervous conditions that can incapacitate him if left unattended. His myriad of habits ranges from opening and closing doors rhythmically before entering, to a severe nervous tick that strikes when he’s stressed.

Relationship Status… divorced. His condition makes him hard to live with, and given his risky profession, it’s no surprise that his marriage didn’t work out. When asked by his new shrink about his personal relationships, he responds “what personal relationships?”

Challenge… retaining control. On top of his medical issues, he has a new prospect arise for a big con at the same time that he re-establishes contact with his ex-wife Heather. Staying on top of everything is becoming a real struggle.  

Personality… direct and particular. Roy knows exactly how things should be, and he will do everything he can to make them that way. This is very useful in his scamming activities, where he is easily able to corral people into doing exactly what he wants them to do. However, when things don’t go according to his plan, he becomes irritable and near impossible to console. Looking past his medical conditions and shady dealings, Roy is a compassionate person who feels badly for stealing from others. He feels trapped by routine, which is partly a symptom of his condition and partly a result of his fear to make big life changes. 

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