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Roy Trenneman

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About Him

Living… extremely lazily, in London. Roy doesn’t do much else aside from eat chips, read comic books and play video games. He even partakes in these activities while on the job. Basically he has retained all of his geeky adolescent habits from his youth in Ireland. He’s also retained the dress sense of his teenage years, preferring T-shirts and jeans to smart office attire.

Profession… IT Support Technician for Reynholm Industries. Roy is constantly frustrated by his inept colleagues. Most people don’t even know how to turn their computer on! Typically his standard advice is, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Interests… video games and junk food. Roy may be the unhealthiest 28-year-old in the United Kingdom: “Ah, the last time I exercised…was never.”

Relationship Status… perennially single. Roy’s social life is extremely limited. While he has a few friends in his life, he hasn’t found a way to successfully seduce an actual woman. As he puts it, “I’m just a lonely loner on a lonely road…alone.”

Challenge… getting a life. Roy is notoriously unlucky, which may have something to do with his lack of interest in the real world. While escaping into comic books and video games may be helping Roy get by for now, he’s eventually going to have to let go of his nerdy persona and become a real adult. Eventually.

Personality… lazy and childish. Roy, despite generally lacking assertiveness, can be spiteful and cruel when he wants to be. In his words, “I used to work as a waiter. If anyone was ever rude to me, I used to carry their food around in my trousers.” Unfortunately for Roy, so far life has been carrying him around in its trousers.

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