Roy O'Bannon
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Roy O'Bannon

Shanghai Noon

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About Him

Grew Up…. to be a ruthless go-getter. Roy has never been modest about his efforts, despite the fact that all of his get-rich-quick schemes have failed. Even so, he refuses to lose confidence in himself.

Living… in the 19th century American Wild West. Roy has been living on the run from the law for years, though he’s starting to get tired of life as an outlaw.

Profession… leader of a gang of bandits. Roy makes his living by robbing trains passing through the Nevada desert. After a new guy in his gang stages a coup, Roy is left to fend for himself

Interests… money. When he’s not robbing trains, Roy can be found in saloons, gambling parlors, and brothels. Though, he’s been known to cheat at the cards table.

Challenge… using his new friend, a Chinese Imperial Guard named Chon Wang, to strike it rich. Roy learns that Chon is not only searching for a missing Chinese Princess, he’s also on the hunt for one hundred thousand gold coins. Roy says that he’s got a good feeling about Chon: “Now, I’ve ridden with some terrible men, just people I couldn’t trust, but when I look at you, there’s something different about you.”

Personality… wild, flippant, and charming. Roy, a real cowboy, knows the down ‘n dirty ways of the Wild West. He and Chon make for the perfect mix of Eastern wisdom and Western cunning. As Roy puts it, “I don’t know karate, but I know kar-azy, and I will use it!”

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