Roy Munson
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Roy Munson


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About Him

Overview… a burned-out former Iowa state amateur bowling champion. Roy was headed for stardom until he got his bowling hand irreparably mangled in an incident involving the devious Ernie McCracken. Seventeen years later he’s a nobody, a zero, a broke alcoholic with a hook for a hand and a crap apartment in Scranton, Pennsylvania. One day, he discovers an Amish bowling phenom named Ishmael Boorg and takes him under his wing with the hopes that Ishmael can win the prestigious Reno Invitational and its $1 million cash prize.

Personality… selfish, confrontational, and bitter. But he wasn’t always that way. Before the accident, Roy was a charismatic ladies’ man, the type to start a dance party in the bowling alley. What’s more, he had morals. Now he stages fake robberies in which he “saves” his landlady so that she won’t make him pay rent. But perhaps teaching Ishmael can give Roy a new lease on life. It certainly couldn’t hurt.

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