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Grew up… roaming around Europe with a band of fellow travelers. A gypsy used to living on the water, Roux takes his home with him wherever he goes. Life's easier that way.

Living… currently, on the outskirts of a small French village. Gypsies have never been well liked – especially not in pious towns like this. “We river rats are the dregs of society,” he sarcastically tells newcomer Vianne, “with horrible diseases and criminal impulses.”

Profession… handyman of sorts. Roux doesn’t have steady employment, though Vianne has recently been taking him on to help with her house and her chocolate shop.

Relationship Status… romantically involved with Vianne. Like Roux, Vianne is an outsider, eschewing the village's conventions in favor of following her own dreams. Yet even as he's drawn to her, Roux knows that their relationship can't do anything for her popularity. "You make friends with us," he warns her, "you make enemies with others."

Challenge… peacefully living in the village. Roux and his fellow travelers don’t mean any harm, but the distrustful villagers see him and his kind as a threat. As a result, Roux has to live with prejudice and forced segregation.

Personality… wry, charming, and handsome. Roux is a mysterious, well-traveled man of the world, and while he's not used to staying in one place, he might just consider making an exception for the vivacious Vianne.

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