Rosemary Woodhouse
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Rosemary Woodhouse

Rosemary's Baby

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Living… a drafty apartment in New York City, where she just moved. Rosemary's particular unit in the Bramford building was vacated by a reclusive, senile woman who left behind an array of plants and an inexplicably sealed off closet.

Profession… fulltime housewife. But Rosemary isn’t used to being cooped up in the apartment all day, so she busies herself decorating, organizing, and cleaning its old, empty rooms.

Interests… sewing, cooking, and brooding about being stuck at home. She loves to make conversation and casually brag about her husband being an actor, but there aren’t many people in the apartment she can talk to other than her unnerving neighbor, Minnie.

Relationship Status… newly married to Guy Woodhouse, an aspiring actor working television commercials to make ends meet. The pair is still in the honeymoon phase and smitten with one another, though being at home makes Rosemary jealous of Guy’s freedom to explore the city.

Challenge… keeping both feet in reality. When Rosemary becomes pregnant, strange happenings around the apartment building start to put her on edge. Unsure if something sinister is happening or if her hormones are just playing tricks on her mind, Rosemary grapples with loneliness and mounting fear. Guy and the neighbors constantly try to assure her that nothing is wrong.

Personality… spunky and attention-seeking. Rosemary enjoys conversing and interacting with others, going so far as to introduce herself to a stranger with, “I'm sorry, I thought you were Anna Maria Alberghetti… do you know her?” While she's not normally a suspicious or uneasy person, when Rosemary becomes pregnant, she begins to feel less and less like herself. As night terrors and panic attacks begin to plague her, Rosemary tries to resist the forces that taking over her life. But more often than not, she finds herself paralyzed with terror at the horror she faces.

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