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Rambling Rose

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About Her

Grew Up… as an orphan. Rose doesn’t have anyone or anything but a battered suitcase.

Living… during the Great Depression with a new family in Glenville, Georgia. Without enough money to eat, Rose nearly turned to prostitution. But she was saved from that when the Hillyer family took her in to live with them in their southern mansion. The father, whom everyone calls “Daddy,” immediately nicknamed her Rosebud and told her, "You are as graceful as the capital letter S. You will give a glow to these old walls."

Profession… maid and babysitter. In exchange for room and board, Rose helps out around the Hillyer’s house.

Interests… sex. Rose has been very promiscuous since she hit puberty, to the point where it’s beyond her control. To her, sex is not dirty or naughty; it is all fun and games.

Relationship Status… single. Though the Hillyer’s son, Buddy, desperately wants to change that; he loves Rose with a passion and wants to marry her, but he is only 13. Rose does end up sleeping in the same bed with Billy, but only in a brother-sister sort of way. Rose has her eyes on Daddy, but he is loyal to his wife.

Challenge… figuring out how to stay in Glenville, even though she’s overstayed her welcome. When Rose turns up sick, it is Mrs. Hillyer who protects her interests. 

Personality… free-spirited and life loving. Even though she is promiscuous and has seen some tough times, Rose still comes across as somewhat naïve. 

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