Rose Tyler

Rose Tyler

    Doctor Who
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... on the planet Earth in the 21st century, which only seems normal to other humans – or “apes,” as some slightly pretentious aliens might say – with similar upbringings. From such a human point of view, however, Rose did have a fairly average childhood, though Rose and her mother have had to struggle since her father died.

Living... in London with her mother. Rose isn't unhappy with her current life, but she's not exactly enthused to wake up at 7:30 every morning, go to an average job, then “eat chips, go to bed, and watch telly.”

Visiting... all of time and space. After running into the Doctor, an alien Time Lord who travels in a blue phone booth-like ship called the TARDIS, Rose has been accompanying him on his many adventures. It's a bit of a “culture shock,” but it's certainly more interesting than her previous life.

Profession... unemployed. Rose previously worked at a department store, but after it was attacked by hostile aliens and subsequently blown up, she was left with “no A-levels, no job, and no future." So, throwing fate to the cosmic winds, she's decided to try her hand at helping save the world 

Interests... those of any other nineteen-year-old: “food and sleep.” Other than an stint in competitive gymnastics when she was younger, Rose has had pretty mundane interests – but that's all about to change, as she embarks on the journey of a lifetime.

Relationship Status... dating Mickey – or was it Ricky? – but not exactly head-over-heels for a man she affectionately calls, “this stupid lump.” In the words of her own subconscious Rose is “very available,” especially to any time-travelling aliens who might happen to swoop her off her feet.

Challenge... staying alive while helping the Doctor save the Universe. There's a good reason the Doctor’s first word to Rose was “run!” as his companions have an unfortunate tendency to die on him. But for Rose, the risk is worth it – how else, after all, would she get to see the infinite wonders of the universe?

Personality... friendly, curious, and capable. Rose may not have excelled in school, but that doesn't mean she's not intelligent: whatever the situation, she's always ready to puzzle it out by asking questions and observing her surroundings. An open-minded girl, Rose adapts quickly to other cultures, and she's always willing to listen to other people's troubles. With her plucky attitude and willingness to do whatever necessary to help others, it's little wonder the Doctor often refers to Rose as "fantastic.”


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